So I finally took some time and figured out what I would be reading.  I will save the book pics and will share it on my other blog but at least wanted to put the list up here as well. I had fun and also went a little nuts while trying to figure the books out - let's see if they stick or I totally play it off the cuff!


VAMPIRES: Princesses of the Night - Teresa Fuentez

MAGICAL REALISM: Whispers of Warning - Jessica Estevao

SERIAL/SPREE KILLER: Slice of Cherry- Dia Reeves

GOTHIC: Dracula's America - Jonathan Haythornthwaite

WITCHES: The Gifts of Our Mothers - Hazel Black

COZY MYSTERY: Dial Meow for Murder - Bethany Blake

MURDER MOST FOUL: Hollywood Homicide - Kellye Garrett

CLASSIC HORROR: Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin

80's HORROR: Dog Kill - Al Demspey

IN THE DARK, DARK WOODS: Ultimate Sacrifice - S.E. Green

DEMONS: Dawn in Damnation - Clark Casey

GHOST: Whispers Beyond the Veil - Jessica Estavao

FREE: Money Back Guarantee - Hunter Shea

TERROR IN A SMALL TOWN: Black Bird of the Gallows - Meg Kassel

DARKEST LONDON: Strange Practice - Vivian Shaw

THE DEAD WILL WALK: Archie Afterlife - Robert Aquirre-Sacasa

HAUNTED HOUSES: Forest of Shadows - Hunter Shea

SUPERNATURAL: Damned - Alexandria Weis

TERRIFYING WOMEN: A Conspiracy in Belgravia - Sherry Thomas

MONSTERS: Odd & Tru - Cat Winters

HORROR: Strange Weather - Joe Hill

CHILLING CHILDREN: House of Ash - Hope Cook

WEREWOLVES: My Favorite Thing Is Monsters - Emil Ferris

DIVERSE VOICES: When I Am Through With You - Stephanie Kuehn

COUNTY HOUSE MYSTERIES: In a Dark, Dark Wood - Ruth Ware


I doubt I will be able to black out my card because I have a few review books I couldn't fit in, but I plan on having fun trying and at least hope to get BINGO three different ways.