Ultimate Sacrifice - S. E. Green

I loved this book and I totally agree with the Mindy McGinnis quote on the front. Vickie and her family live in a wooded area and her grandfather owns the farm next door. One day her twin exits the forest covered in blood and she learns that a young child named Michelle, whom she regularly babysits, was found dead and the crime scene resembled a ritualistic murder. An investigation ensues and we learn tons about Vickie's family and friends as well as the small town community.

I considered this book a short read at just about 175 pages. I usually like more to my books but I have to admit, it really worked in this case. It made the story seem that much more fast paced and made the situation more dire. I really liked Vickie but I will say she is either the bravest 17 year old (because she investigates the Satanic killing on her own because she is frustrated with the police) or the stupidest. There were times I was reading where I know I would shake my head because what she was doing could not end well at all. And the ending! I actually screamed and yelled. And since the hubby was at work, the dogs looked at me like I'd lost my ever-loving mind.

If you can't tell, this book was tons of fun so I seriously recommend picking it up.

I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.


I am using this for In the Dark Dark Woods block on my 2017 Halloween Bingo Challenge.